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Welcome to the City of Norwood Ohio Building Department
The City of Norwood is preparing a community-wide inventory of properties where concern of environmental contamination is present.  We are requesting citizen input in this process.  To suggest a site for inclusion in this inventory, please send the physical address and reason for concern to our attention in one of the following ways:  at a Public Meeting, to be scheduled in January 2015 (date will be posted online and in the newspaper upon scheduling), or in writing to:
City of Norwood Building Department
Re: Inventory Suggestion
4645 Montgomery Road
Norwood, Ohio 45212
La Ciudad de Norwood está preparando un inventario de propiedades impactadas por contaminación ambiental. Solicitamos la participación de los residentes de la comunidad durante este proceso.  Si quiere sugerir alguna propiedad o sitio para incluir en el inventario, nos puede notificar por parte de una reunión pública que será programada para enero 2015, cual fecha publicaremos en el periódico y en nuestra página web.  También puede mandar la dirección física y el motivo para incluir la propiedad, a la siguiente dirección:
City of Norwood Building Department
Re: Inventory Suggestion
4645 Montgomery Road
Norwood, Ohio 45212


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It is the mission of the City of Norwood Building Department to provide its diverse customer base with respect, while providing timely and knowledgeable service, and to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of Norwood’s citizens is preserved by verifying that all commercial and residential construction complies with the State of Ohio building codes. 

Along with the above duties, the department is responsible for inspecting all residential and commercial properties and structures for compliance with the Norwood Housing and Property Code, so that existing properties are maintained to standards that not only assure the health, safety and welfare of citizens, but also encourage positive real estate property values.

4645 Montgomery Road, Norwood, OH 45212    Phone: 513-458-4510   Fax: 513-458-4511